Film incentives

There are currently two incentives available to choose between for international productions filming partly or entirely in Colombia, these are CINA (tax certificates) and FFC (cash rebate). 

Both incentives are open to feature films, documentary, television and web series, animation and music promos that meet the required criteria to cover pre-production, production and post production in Colombia. The CINA incentive is also open to video games and advertising although additional criteria apply.

At Screen Colombia, as one of the approved production service companies pre-registered with the Ministry of Culture, we have tailored our services to specifically advise on which incentive best suits your production and prepare the documentation needed to make a successful application. 

With our experienced accounting and legal team to answer any questions or queries you may have, we can assist at every step of the way, from planning timelines, initial budgets and submitting the application, through to the final payment or transfer and sale of certificates. 

Working closely with Pro-imagenes and the Colombian Film Commission, the entities overseeing both incentives, we ensure a smooth transition and are proud to say we are one of the first companies that has successfully applied for and been granted the new CINA incentive.

CINA (Audiovisual Investment in Colombia Certificates) is a tax credit certificate that can be sold, transferred or traded in the financial markets equating to a value of 35% on the total qualifying foreign filming investment in Colombia. A fee of 5% is payable to the Colombian Film Commission on the issued certificates resulting in a net value of 33.25% on the total qualifying spend.

The financial pot available is approximately $53M USD per annum with no cap per project.

Certificates are issued in the name of the foreign Producer by the Ministry of Culture within 15 days of receipt and approval of all required accreditation.

FFC (Colombian Film Fund) is a cash rebate equating to a 40% rebate on audio-visual services (including local casting, crew hire, equipment rental and location fees) and a 20% rebate on logistical services (including transport, catering and accommodation) on the approved local spend giving a net average of approximately 30-32% across the total qualifying spend.

The financial pot available is approximately $2M USD per annum with a cap of $550K USD per project.

Payment of the rebate by Pro-imagenes is within 2 months paid to any account elected by the foreign Producer following satisfactory receipt of all required accreditation.

General Requirements CINA & FFC

  • Minimum spend of approximately $475,000 USD per project or $118,750 USD per episode in a series (minimum 4 episodes)
  • A bid bond is payable on application of $10,000 USD which is deducted/refunded for successful applications and in the case of a project not being approved, reimbursed.
  • Applications are submitted in the name of the foreign Producer and must be approved by the board of CPFC (Colombia Film Promotion Committee)
  • The foreign Producer must sign a contract stipulating the conditions and requirements of the incentive and the agreed amount to be reimbursed.
  • All qualified spending must be paid through either a Colombian entity or residing individual  
  • All qualifying audio-visual services are required to be hired through a Colombian production services company pre-registered with the Colombian Ministry of Culture
  • A fiduciary/trust account must be set up to administer all qualified spending and a local auditing company appointed to audit and certify payments prior to any reimbursements

For more information on either of the incentives and which to apply for, please feel free to get in touch with us or check out this link which explains in more detail the requirements and processes involved.

Handbook of Incentives